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I chose to start with this tool because I know that several faculty members use Inspiration with their students.  This tool is a web-based concept mapping application that was designed by the Inspiration folk.  It works in much the same way as Inspiration does and the interface is eerily similar.  For those of you who use Inspiration, you know how concept mapping can be used as a pre-assessment or as a post-assessment.  In fact, the Foundations bloc uses concept mapping as one of the final projects in their courses.  The bonus with using MyWebspiration is that it’s free and web-based.  This would allow students to work from home without downloading a trial copy of the software or paying $75 for a copy.  The other added bonus is that it allows for collaborative concept mapping.  Groups of students can concept map together is the same online space.  If you’re thinking of jumping in, you will need to set-up a username and password but the rest of the site is pretty easy to use.  I would think that folks with a moderate level of technology expertise could handle it with ease.


3 thoughts on “MyWebspiration

  1. Thanks for the tip, Ollie.

    I didn’t view the video but am using Webspiration in several classes with success. (I know it’s free in Beta version. Will there be a charge in the future or will some part of it stay free? Any idea? I hate to become dependent on it if it’s going to go pay-for-service on me 🙂

    The one tricky thing is that it seems you can’t save as jpg. Am I right about that? It may seem unnecessary because URL can be posted for all to see, but there are significant problems reading complex maps because of the way it’s saved (even when you increase text size for all items). So I have students sharing by inviting me and/or group or class members in as a viewer or contributor. (Nice thing to know is you can invite an entire class by using the class’s MU listserv already set up. Type that address in and it goes to all!)

    Any thoughts about sizing so that the URL can be viewed successfully by all? Am I right about jpg? Or is the best way just to use the share/invite function as I’m doing??

  2. Barb,
    My feeling is that it will be a pay service eventually. There are other competing concept mapping applications that are free (Mindmeister is the closest to what MyWebspiration offers).

    I couldn’t find a way to save as a jpg. You could use Shift+Command+4 on a Mac to screen grab the map or use Print Screen on a PC. This will save the screen contents as a picture file. The other trick is to right-click on the map on the published URL and save the image.

    One way to “collect” the concept maps is to have students share them with you. By doing this, you will be able to see the maps and experience all of the map’s functionality (links, comments, etc). Publishing to a URL, however, might give you some added features. When it publishes to a webpage, it adds a link named “Copy embed code” which allows the map to embedded in other places (a wiki or a Ning). Having the students embed all of the maps in one online location allows you (and the entire class) to see everyone’s work. This way the entire class sees the work from their peers and you can leverage the social nature of the web.

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