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There are moments when time stands still.  You’re standing in front of a class of students and you want to show a great video that you found on YouTube.  You pull the site up on your computer and… Nothing.  Maybe the video was removed from YouTube and you can’t seem to find it anymore. Or maybe it’s taking a long time to buffer the video.  Either way, time is dragging as you wait and hope that you can find the video or that the video eventually loads and you’re able to teach the lesson you had planned.

KeepVid helps to solve these awkward moments.  KeepVid does exactly what the name suggests.  The site allows you to keep videos from streaming sites like YouTube.  With KeepVid, you can download the video and save it to a flash drive to show at a later date.  The greatest aspect of KeepVid is how easy it is to use.  If you can find videos on YouTube, you can probably use KeepVid.  It’s a matter of copying the URL (the web address) of the YouTube video and pasting it into KeepVid.  Click “Download” and you now have a copy of the YouTube video to show during class.

KeepVid has other benefits as well.  For those of us who give presentations at conferences, we know how expensive Internet access can be at a conference site.  If you’re planning to use a YouTube video in a conference presentation, use KeepVid to download the video and avoid the exhorbitant Internet rates altogether.  Students can also use KeepVid to incorporate YouTube videos in presentations for class or for multimedia projects.  If you’re planning to have students complete a digital story as an assignment for class, be sure to alert them to KeepVid.


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