(found at http://voicethread.com/#home)

VoiceThread is best described as an online conversation around media.  Whether it’s a conversation around digital pictures, videos or documents, VoiceThread allows conversations to occur in an online space even though the participants might be miles apart.  I think the easiest way to get started is to import slides from a Powerpoint and voice over it with any computer that has a built in microphone.  It’s really easy to use and free. VoiceThread would be a great tool for having students make presentations in an online class, tell stories or discuss a topic.  It’s like a threaded discussion board but has the ability to actually have students’ voices attached to it.   Consider posting a paper for a class discussion or a student lesson plan for peer review.  VoiceThread even allow users to scribble on the document to highlight parts they’re talking about.

I demonstrated VoiceThread at a Brown Bag presentation recently and showed  this VoiceThread example created by a 5th grader in a local school:  http://voicethread.com/share/457316/

To see how to start using VoiceThread, be sure to check out the screencast below.


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