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Wouldn’t it be great to collaborate on a Word document with someone else?  Many people use Google Docs or Zoho for this purpose but the downside is that it’s not really “real time” and you (and the people you share with) need to have an account to participate.

EtherPad is different.  You don’t need to log into the site to create a collaborative space to share with others.  Etherpad creates a unique web address that you can email out to people.  In a classroom setting, you can create an EtherPad space, project the page to the class and have students go to the URL and start contributing.  This would be great for a brainstorming session, a controlled debate or even a pre-assessment for a new unit.  You can even have a few EtherPads going at the same time and have small student workgroups collaborating in each EtherPad.

Etherpad is really easy to use.  If you can use Microsoft Word, you can definitely use EtherPad.  Be sure to check out the screencast to see how to set up an EtherPad and how to use some of the more advanced features.


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