Sharing Presentations with Slideshare

Slideshare (

Let’s say I’m giving a presentation to a class and the students ask if I can share the Powerpoint presentation with them.  If I choose to share my presentation, I have several options.

  1. I can print out the slides and give them to students as handouts.  Doing this, however, would use a lot of paper and would not be very environmentally conscious.
  2. I can email the presentation to the students or share the file through Blackboard.  The challenge with these options is that I know some of my students can’t afford Powerpoint.  Also, some of the students are using older versions of Powerpoint so I have to make sure to save it properly for their use.
  3. I can use slideshare!

Slideshare allows users to upload Powerpoint presentations, Word documents and PDF files and share them with others.  Slideshare creates a web-based slideshow that people can visit online.  The best part is that slideshare is free and really easy to use.  You do have to create an account with slideshare to upload documents, but they don’t collect a ton of personal information and won’t barrage you with spam.

Like anyone at the University, I’m concerned about intellectual property.  While slideshare uploads your documents to a web-based location, you can still control who can access the files online.  You can choose to make a slideshow private so it cannot be found through Google or even through slideshare’s search menu.  You can then share the slideshow using slideshare’s embedding feature or by creating a “secret URL.”  Slideshare would be a great tool for sharing presentations with students in a face-to-face environment or for use in an online class.

For a demonstration on how to use slideshare or to see what a slideshow looks like in slideshare, be sure to check out the videos below.

Slideshare demonstration:

Example of a presentation in slideshare:

View more presentations from Oliver Dreon.

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