Embedding Files with Embeditin

If you’ve been following the blog or Tech Tip emails, you’ll notice that I’ve used the word “embed” a few times.  When I featured Slide Share, I talked about being able to embed a Powerpoint presentation on Blackboard or on another website.  When I featured Audiopal, I also talked about being able to embed audio files into other locations.  Embedding is a process of broadcasting information that is saved at one site through another site.  It happens a lot with YouTube videos.  You’ll see a video play on another site that actually is saved on YouTube.  Embedding isn’t real complicated.  By just copying some code, material from one site can easily be embedded somewhere else.

This week’s Tech Tip is Embeditin (found at http://embedit.in).  Embeditin allows you to share all sorts of files by simply uploading the file and copying the embed code.  The really great aspect is that you don’t really need a username or password to use the site.  If you already have an account from a third party site like Google or WordPress, however, Embeditin accepts that information.  Embeditin will work with many document files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDFs) and will even allow images to be embedded.

The question you might be asking is why should we embed content at all.  I think the important thing to remember is that many of our students do not come to our classes with the same resources.  While we would hope that all of our students would have access to the newest Microsoft products, the truth is that is not the case.  By using embedding features, we can equitably share information with our students.

For more information on Embeditin, be sure to check out the tutorial below.


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