Screencasting with Jing

As someone who uses technology to teach and assess students, I love Screencasting.  Screencasting allows me to demonstrate complex procedures and give presentations from a distance.  Since these videos are uploaded and streamed online, my students can view the screencasts at their own pace and review parts they might have missed during class.  When teaching online classes, I create screencasts for each of the modules in the course.  By incorporating my voice (and sometimes my face), I find that the screencasts can personalize the online course content and make the online learning environment seem less static and text-based.

Of the different screencasting tools available, Jing stands out as one of the best.  Unlike some screencasting tools that require you to pay to use the application, Jing offers a free version that can be downloaded for a Mac or a PC.  Jing is also really easy to use.  With a few clicks, you can record all of the actions on your screen.  After recording the screencast, Jing uploads the video to which will stream it for free.  If you can click “Record” on a VCR or hit “Play” on a DVD player, you can use Jing.

Besides being used to instruct students, Jing can also be used to assess students.  Consider having your students create a screencast of a presentation and streaming it online.  Or consider having students record the dialogue from a debate or act out some roleplay.  Since Jing easily records voice and any images on the screen, the possibilities are endless.

For a short tutorial on using Jing, be sure to check out the YouTube video below.

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