Scheduling meetings with Doodle

Probably one of the most challenging tasks on campus is scheduling a meeting that involves a group of people.  Maybe you want to get several students together for a tutoring session or a handful of colleagues together to work on a grant proposal.  You send out an email and then seven… or eight … or ten emails later, the group can finally agree on a date and time for the meeting.  It can be exhausting.  And worse yet, the scheduling process takes time away from all of the other productive tasks you could be doing.

If you’re thinking that there must be a better way, there is.  It’s called Doodle and it’s free and extremely easy to use.  You don’t even need to create an account with Doodle.  You simply create an event, select possible dates and times for the event and send the unique URL to meeting participants in an email.  When participants receive the email, they can select which times work for them.  If you choose to provide your email address, Doodle will email you when people have responded and give you an overview of the best date and time for your meeting.

While not specifically an instructional technology, Doodle can help with scheduling advising meetings with students.  Doodle also provides a polling feature where participants can choose from a list of options you provide.  Doodle helps to reduce all of the time spent scheduling a meeting and let’s you redirect that time elsewhere.

For more information on using Doodle, be sure to check out the tutorial below:


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