Presenting creatively with Scrapblog

Let me start by saying that Scrapblog is a scrapbooking site.  That’s right, I said “scrapbooking.”  I know some people will immediately stop reading this post because scrapbooking isn’t much of an academic venture.  While I would agree that traditional scrapbooking is not the same as writing a thesis, I would argue that Scrapblog deserves a few minutes of your time.  While Scrapblog is an online scrapbooking site, it is also much more than that.  Imagine being able to create graphically intensive slide shows, setting them to music and being able to post them online.  That’s what Scrapblog offers.  You can even incorporate videos from YouTube if you choose.  And it’s free.  Or mostly free.  You can pay for backgrounds or other graphic elements if you choose, but there is a great deal of material that is available for free.  The really amazing part about Scrapblog is that although it is a web-based application it rivals desktop publishing options in speed and performance.

Scrapblog is really easy to use and can be a great tool to use in face-to-face classes or when teaching in an online class.    Scrapblog would be a great tool to use as an introductory activity in a class or as an alternative to a reflection paper or even as a platform for creating student portfolios.  Be sure to check out the video below for a tutorial on using Scrapblog.


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