Introductions with Fotobabble

At first glance, Fotobabble might seem like it’s just an entertaining little application.  The site bills itself as “Talking Photos” and that’s it in a nutshell.  You upload a photo, record your voice and then share your creation with other people.  When you’re finished, you can link to your Fotobabble, email it to friends, share it through Facebook or even embed it in on other websites.  Fotobabble is extremely easy to use.  To use the site, you need to have a username to save your work but won’t need to download any software to your computer.

So, how can Fotobabble be used in our classes?  Since the site allows users to upload any image and record 60 seconds of audio, Fotobabble would be a great platform for mini-presentations either in an online or a face-to-face class.  This summer, I’ve been using the site as an introductory activity in my online classes.  Each student uploads a personal photo and then records a short introduction to the rest of the class.  Activities like this at the start of an online class can function as ice breakers and help to build a sense of community with the class.

Check out this Fotobabble introduction I used in a Digital Storytelling course.


4 thoughts on “Introductions with Fotobabble

  1. Cool! I’m guessing to use it with D2L, you would have to do it within a discussion board? Students can’t embed into content, right?

  2. I’m working on the D2L embedding question. If we’re able to embed stuff, I think students should be able to as well. I think it’s just a switch somewhere that has that functionality shut off.

  3. Hi Jennifer and Ollie!

    This is Zoe from Fotobabble.

    Yes YES you can definitely embed a Fotobabble in a website. Every Fotobabble you create has an “embed code” that you can copy and paste into the HTML on a website or blog, or often you can just click on the option to “embed” a video/flash file in the options on your website building tool.

    We love the project you’re working on and would love to hear more about it! Email me: if you have any questions at all about embedding Fotobabbles.



  4. Zoe is correct that you can embed a Fotobabble into a website. I had the students embed their Fotobabbles into our class Ning. Using Desire2Learn, however, may present some challenges. As the university currently has the LMS configured, faculty can embed things but students cannot. Like I said in my earlier comment, I’m working to get that fixed.

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