Presentations with Prezi

Sometimes nature has a way of pointing you in the direction you need to go.  Take this week’s post.  I’ve known about Prezi for a few years but it seems that everywhere I’ve gone recently, somebody has mentioned the site.  I figured it was time to feature the site on the 8 Blog.

Prezi is a really unique presentation application that breaks away from stale PowerPoint slides.  At its simplest, PowerPoint offers users a rectangular canvas in which to display bulleted lists, graphics and text.  Sure, people can add in transitions, animations or sounds, but the end result still looks like a bunch of rectangles that a presenter plods through.  Prezi offers something completely different.  Instead of rectangles, envision a presentation landscape where a presenter can zoom into and hop from topic to topic like a plane flying from destination to destination on a round the world journey.  The most unique part of Prezi is its user interface.  Most software uses some type of menu-driven system to allow users to make changes.  Prezi uses a series of concentric circles to let you move an object, change its size or rotate it.   It takes some getting used to at first but, after a while, seems completely logical and fluid.

Consider using Prezi as an alternate way of giving a lecture.  You can also have your students use Prezi to create a presentation to share with classmates.  Since Prezi lives online, it can be accessed from any computer with Internet access and can be embedded in loads of other sites.  A Prezi presentation can even be downloaded so it can be run in locations without Internet access.  Check out this short Prezi I created that briefly explains the history Web 1.0.   Need some help getting started?  Be sure to check out the following introductory tutorial from the people at Prezi.


4 thoughts on “Presentations with Prezi

  1. Hey, Ollie. I used prezi and Glogster with my Freshman comp students last semester. They had to write a “primer” on a chapter of A Whole New Mind (by Daniel Pink) for their classmates and share it. I also suggested Voice Thread, Animoto and a pecha kucha. The kids like Glogster and Prezi better.

    I have a pretty good prezi on Using resources somewhere. Want a sample?

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