Online publishing with Issuu

What do you think of when you hear the words “online publishing?”  Maybe a web page?  Or a blog?  Or possibly a wiki?  While most of the textual content published online probably falls into these traditional categories, issuu offers something completely different.  Issuu is a site that allows users to easily create online magazines and journals.  After uploading a few PDFs, issuu does all of the hard work and converts the files to be published online.  The results are honestly pretty amazing.  Just like a real magazine, pages can be flipped, viewed full screen or magnified.  Issuu publications can also be viewed with many mobile devices and an iPhone/iPod app is planned for the near future.  Much like posting content on YouTube, issuu users can control how a document can viewed, shared or whether an issuu publication can be downloaded.  The site is really easy to use and offers a ton of online storage for free.  You will need a username and password to use issuu, but the uploading and publishing processes are pretty straightforward after that.

Issuu offers some great instructional opportunities for our classrooms.  For instance, consider uploading your syllabus or some of your classroom documents to issuu so students can view these materials online from their phones, laptops or home computers.  Issuu could also be used as an assessment device.  One possibility is having students contribute to an online journal as a class project.  Each student (or groups of students) would be responsible for researching, writing and publishing an article that can be assembled and uploaded to issuu.  Issuu would also be a great resource for having students create portfolios of work to be shared with a worldwide audience.

For some help using the site, be sure to check out the Issuu YouTube Channel.  To get a sense of what an online publication can look like in issuu, check out this example I created.

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