Nine copyright-friendly sites for student multimedia projects

As our students create more digital projects as assessments for our classes, we need to be conscious of copyright restrictions and direct our students to places to find copyright-friendly materials to use with their podcasts, digital stories or Glogsters.  This week, I thought I’d feature nine sites that students can use to find and download audio, video and images for their classroom projects.

Sites with copyright-friendly images

Flickr Commons: Flickr is an online photography community which now archives images from a variety of institutions including the Smithsonian Institution, NASA, and The Library of Congress.  All of the images are either in the public domain or available for use by others without restriction.  Keep in mind that students should still credit the photographer when using an image in a digital project.

Wikimedia Commons: I’ve featured this site before when I blogged about copyright.  Wikimedia Commons houses over 7 million media files which can be downloaded and incorporated in digital stories, presentations or other multimedia projects.  Be sure to have students check on any copyright restrictions on individual images before modifying them or including them in their projects.

World Images: Part of the California State University IMAGE Project, World Images contains approximately 80,000 images, is global in coverage and includes all areas of visual imagery. The site allows its images to be freely used for non-profit educational purposes.

MorgueFile: Developed by the sons of educators, morguefile contains photographs that have been freely contributed by artists for use in creative projects by visitors to the site. Morguefile asks that students credit the photographer to acknowledge the work of the artist whenever possible.

Sites with copyright-friendly audio files

Jamendo: Jamendo houses music published under Creative Commons licenses and claims it is the world’s #1 platform for free and legal music downloads. Available in seven languages, the site offers a place for artists to easily publish, share and promote their music.  For students, the site offers an enormous catalog of music for use in their multimedia projects.

Freeplaymusic: Although Freeplaymusic is a for-profit music site, it allows students to download its music for free as long as the files are used in a classroom assignment that is not shared in a public forum.  The music is professional quality and usually sounds eerily similar to popular music you may have heard.

SoundBible: SoundBible offers royalty-free sounds that have been produced under Creative Commons Licensing. The sounds can be used educationally or commercially in things like digital stories, podcasts or other multimedia projects but students may not redistribute them for a profit.

RoyaltyFreeMusic: This is another for-profit site that provides free downloads for educators and students to use in classroom projects.  The site offers music, ringtones and sound effects and educators can sign up for the Free Music Program for free access to the site’s library.

Sites with copyright-friendly video files

Moving Images Archive: The Moving Images Archive is part of the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization formed to build an Internet library for use by researchers, educators and historians.  The site features movies from a variety of sources including governmental organizations and educational institutions.   By offering almost-unrestricted access to these films, the site hopes it will encourage widespread use of moving images in new contexts by people who might not have used them before.


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