Showcasing Student Teachers: Fall 2010

Last Friday, I helped to organize Millersville University’s second Student Teacher Instructional Technology Showcase.  For this event, we selected ten student teachers that were using technology in innovative ways in their classroom.  Our goal was to highlight the outstanding work being done by our student teachers and to showcase their use of instructional technology to support and assess student learning.

This was the second semester we’ve held the Showcase and I believe it was a real success.  We set up the event like a poster session at a conference with each student teacher being able to demonstrate and explain their lesson in an informal manner.  Overall, we had almost 200 students, supervising teachers, and faculty members attend.  I’m including the handouts that the student teachers distributed at the event for those of you who might want to take a look.

Cheryl Bowman: Assessing Students with Smartboard Personal Response Systems

Shaun Boyer: Presenting with Powerpoint

Rachael Callahan: Sharing Poetry with Wikis

Lena Cordero: Sharing Student Work

Mike Gau: Engaging Students with Blogs

Jim Moran: Assessing with Review Games

Kasey Mulberry: Collaborating with Google Docs

Mary Nolt: Using Glogster with Geography Students

Rebecca Nissley: Collaborative Writing with Wikis

William Wolfgang: Making Music Videos


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