Easily share with dushare

I’m sure we’ve all tried to share files with others and run into some problems.  Maybe the file was too big to be an attachment.  Or maybe the file was blocked by someone’s email.  dushare solves this problems in an effortless manner.  You just choose the file, select whether you want the file to be password protected or not, and then share the unique URL with others so they can download the file.  You don’t even need a username or an account to use the site.  Dushare works a little differently than other file transfer systems.  Rather than uploading the file to a server, the site creates a peer-to-peer connection with the people with whom you’ve share the link.  You can even chat with the people that are downloading the file.  It really can’t be easier.  Educationally, dushare can be a great asset for sharing documents with students.  In a moment of inspiration, a teacher can share a file with a whole class of students without sending an email or without uploading it to a course management system like Moodle, Blackboard or Desire2Learn.  Dushare can especially beneficial with larger files (larger than 500 Mb) which can take a considerable amount of time to upload or download.


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