Get creative with GoAnimate

I’m always on the look out for sites that allow students to be creative and express themselves.  Besides fostering higher order thinking skills, sites like xtranormal, Pixton and Animoto can engage students in the learning process.  When connected to classroom content, these sites can be powerful forms of assessment.  Rather than using another essay exam or a multiple choice test, teachers could have students create scenarios where the content is explained or even debated.

We need to add GoAnimate to the growing list of sites that are creative avenues for students.  With GoAnimate, students can develop cartoons or animated films where they can select scenes, dialogue, emotions and even movements.  While users have to pay for additional characters, emotions and scenes, the site is mostly free.  It’s also really easy to use.  With a couple of clicks and a few minutes of work, I was able to create this short video that shamelessly promotes this blog.

GoAnimate would be a great way to have students direct a debate, role play an event or act out a scene from a play.  The curricular applications are limitless.  To get started, check out this short tutorial.

Update:  GoAnimate also has an educational version called GoAnimate4Schools.  Not only does the site provide curricular applications, it also allows teachers to register their school to have a private, controlled environment for students to produce and share their animated stories.  A basic account (for up to 100 students) is free!

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