Foster collaboration with Scrumblr

While there are loads of sites that allow collaboration online, few are easier to use than Scrumblr.  Simply name your Scrumblr page, add and name some columns, and then create and position “index cards.”  Honestly, it’s that easy.  The beauty of the site is in its simplicity and its pared-down features.  Sure, other sites may offer more features than Scrumblr does but I really appreciate sites that provide a useful service without bogging down the functionality with a lot of fluff. I also respect the fact that the Scrumblr creator has released the site’s code into the open source community for others to build upon.  Package those strengths together and Scrumblr is an outstanding site with a ton of applications for educators.

Educators working on a team should consider using Scrumblr to keep track of group tasks. One member can create a Srumblr page and share the link with the whole team.  Then, each team member can see their assigned tasks and make additions.  Scrumblr can also be used to help students brainstorm or to help them organize material they’ve learned.  Since the site doesn’t require usernames or passwords, students can visit a Scrumblr page and just start contributing.  Scrumblr can also be used with an interactive whiteboard to build an engaging, student-centered lesson where students actively organize and categorize concepts.

Since the site doesn’t offer usernames or passwords, each Scrumblr page is open for the world to edit.  I wouldn’t worry too much about this lack of protection since each page exists in the vast expanse of the Internet and probably won’t be easily found.  That being said, I wouldn’t use the site to store your credit card number or the launch codes for any intergalactic missiles.  If you’re just using the site as an instructional tool, however, Scrumblr offers a simple yet powerful collaboration tool with loads of educational options.


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