Innovative teaching showcased at IdeaJam:Education

In May, Intel hosted a one-day conference called IdeaJam:Education where innovative teaching was showcased from across the US.  While the conference was available through streaming video to viewers, I’m sure many people missed it.  Many of the conference presentations have been added to YouTube and can be viewed in segments.  The sessions are really inspiring.  You can see what creative educators are doing with technology and get a sense of how technology can be integrated in authentic and ground-breaking ways.   I thought I’d share a couple of sessions from the conference.  As you’re watching the videos, think about how the traditional educational environment in the classrooms has been changed by integrating technology.  In both of these situations, the teachers and the students have taken much different roles to create a more collaborative, learner-centered environment.

Eric Marcos and the “Mathtrain Kids” on Kids Teaching Kids in Mathematics

Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann on Flipping the Science Classroom


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