Collaboratively organize with FolderBoy

Imagine you’re working with a team of people and you want to create a ToDo list that the whole team can see and contribute to. Your team needs to check out FolderBoy. FolderBoy is a new service that is built on the idea of “collaborative organization” and couldn’t be easier to use. Simply create a list and start adding your ideas. To share the list with others, just click the icon and the list can be shared with anyone with an email address. You can even use FolderBoy’s chat feature to discuss the list as it’s being built. FolderBoy has some unique listing features that I wish other service would appropriate. For instance, lists can be moved to other locations so that ideas can be networked together, rather artificially segmented into some discrete, disconnected manner. Also, lists can be moved easily by dragging and dropping items from place to place.

Educationally, FolderBoy would be a great way to help students organize their thoughts as they begin a research project, especially if the project involved working classmates. FolderBoy would also be a nice tool to incorporate into a class where multiple activities need to be tracked and organized.

To see check out FolderBoy, be sure to watch the following tutorial:


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