Organize the web your way with Symbaloo

I’m teaching an online class on Web 2.0 technologies this week and several of my students have been singing the praises of Symbaloo. Symbaloo bills itself as a new way “to organize, share your online life and discover that of others.”  While the concept is not that new, the end product is pretty unique.  Each user can create their own “webmix” which manages all of their web resources (news pages, websites, etc) into graphical tiles which are customizable.  Rather than creating a list of text links as some sites do, Symbaloo allows users to move tiles into groups and create different tabs for different topics.  A webmix can be shared with others and can be set as a homepage in a web browser.  These features allow educators to create an online springboard directing students to relevant sites for their class.  The process can also be handed over to students.  An educator could create a Symbaloo site and allow groups of students to create their own webmixes on different tabs.  With its graphical nature, Symbaloo would be a great resource for teachers working with emerging readers or for teachers working with English language learners.  The only real downside is that the site is not accessible with mobile devices (iPod Touches, iPads, smart phones), but Symbaloo hopes to offer that ability in the near future.


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