Students Assess their Profs’ Tech Skills

I found this video interview last week on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s website.  In the interview, the moderator talks with four students from different schools about their professors’ use of technology in the classroom.  The interview highlights the good and the bad in terms of technology integration.  One student talks about how his professor held office hours through Skype to allow more access to students.  Another student complains about a professor who was totally dependent on her Powerpoint slides, saying “PowerPoint is the apple in the Garden of Eden I think, to be honest. It leads down the line of temptation.”  With Powerpoint, the student explains, some professors are tempted to dump text onto a slide without students being able to know how it all fits together.  While the students’ opinions are being debated on the Chronicle website, I think their viewpoints are interesting and educational.  As educators, it can help us to know our students’ point of view.

On a side note, the video also demonstrates GooglePlus’s Hang Out feature, where a group of people can video chat with one another.


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