Online Collaboration with Stixy

As a blogger, I get ideas for posts from a variety of different sources. Sometimes, I get ideas from reading other blogs or checking out different technology sites. Other times, I’ll get an idea from a colleague who mentions a website or an app they’ve been using. This week, I need to credit one of my students who asked about using Stixy for a classroom project. I honestly hadn’t heard of the site prior to her question and looked into it. After checking the site out, I realize now that I had been missing out on a tremendous resource.  Thanks Marybeth!

Stixy is an online tool for building collaboration across groups of individuals. The site works like an online bulletin board, where users can post photos, documents, notes and todo lists. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.  Just drag and drop objects onto the stixyboard and position the objects where you’d like.  Stixyboards are shareable, too.  One person can start a stixyboard and share it with colleagues who can build on it.  The site is free and currently in Beta, meaning they’re still testing the site out to work out the bugs.

Used educationally, Stixy would be a great site for to students to use to help manage a group project.  The students could create a stixyboard to manage the different tasks in the project timeline, assign roles to group members and share files.  Rather than have files and communication streams littered across a multitude of emails, Stixy could house all of that information in a graphical format that is accessible to all of the group members simultaneously.  Besides supporting collaborative groups, the site would also be a great portfolio tool.  Students could design a stixyboard to highlight the different projects they had created.

For help getting started with Stixy, be sure to check out this tutorial:


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