Collaborate on documents with Crocodoc

Sometimes, sharing and collaborating on documents can be a real challenge.  If I want to share a document with someone, I have to make sure they’re using a word processing application that can open and edit my document.   I also have to make sure that my document doesn’t get lost in their email inbox or caught in their spam filter.  If I’m sharing the document with a group of people, the collaboration problems multiply.  Who has the latest version?  Who has contributed so far? How can I coordinate all of the individual comments and suggestions efficiently?  It can be a real headache.

Crocodoc was built to alleviate some of these collaboration challenges, diminishing the need to email attachments back and forth, print and pass around hard copies, or install expensive collaboration software.  With Crocodoc, users can upload PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations and view and mark them up online. Documents can be shared with others, who can collaboratively highlight or strikeout text, add notes and comments, and make revisions. All files are stored securely on the Crocodoc servers, and can be password protected and encrypted for maximum security.  Crocodoc even works with iPads, allowing people to collaborate on documents from a variety of platforms.

Used educationally, Crocodoc can allow groups of students to share their comments on an article they’re reading.  Art educators can upload a photograph for discussion and assign their students to share their critiques.    In a writing class, groups of students could edit one another’s compositions and provide feedback to each other.  Since Crocodoc records the history of each document, educators can see who has contributed so far, which can be really helpful for assessing student work.  With its intuitive navigation, Crocodoc really takes a bite out of the challenges of collaboration.


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