Presenting with PowToon

As the summer winds to an end, faculty are beginning to finalize their syllabi for the upcoming semester.  Inevitably, some faculty will require students to do independent research and make presentations detailing their work to their classmates.  But, what if the class is taught online?  What if the students don’t have access to PowerPoint?  What if the students want to create something beyond the standard linear presentation slides?  If you’re struggling with any of the problems, here comes PowToon to the rescue!

PowToon bills itself as “the world’s most minimalist, user friendly and intuitive presentation software that  allows someone with no technical or design skills to create engaging professional “look and feel” animated presentations.”   Powtoon’s aim is to establish a new presentation category called “presentoon” – a combination of presentation and animated cartoon.  There’s a host of examples of “presentoons” out there.  Maybe you’ve seen the Did you know? video where an overview of societal technology data is provided.   While the information itself is interesting, the movement, music and animation helps to keeps viewers engaged.  With PowToon, your students now have the same creative power! Data can be be represented graphically and animation and transition can bring the information to life. Since the tool is web-based, students can work on their presentations from anywhere.  The best part is that students can share their final productions online and embed them in course management systems like Desire2Learn or Blackboard.  PowToon would be an ideal class presentation solution for educators teaching an online or blended course.

While PowToon is free and easy to use, the site is still currently in Beta.  This means the tool is still being developed and the kinks are still being worked out.   Overall, PowToon is a powerful tool that can help students create dynamic presents online with little effort and no expense.


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