Rewind: Create interactive books for Android and iOS devices with Moglue

To start 2013, I thought I’d replay the five most popular blog posts from the 8 Blog and update them (if necessary).  Originally shared on October 18, 2011, this post is #2 on the 8 Blog’s all time most viewed list.   Since this was written over a year ago, a few new options and features have emerged.

Tablets and personal electronic devices are becoming more prevalent in schools.  Many institutions have some sort of iPad or iPod initiative where pockets of students are using the devices educationally.  While I’m really excited at the promise that these devices hold, I also fear that the use of the tools may be limited to simple rote memorization, recall level activities.  Sure, there are thousands of apps that allow students to practice their number facts or master their knowledge of grammar, spelling and money.  But I wonder how we can get our students to author content with the devices.  How can we utilize the tools to tap into students creativity and assess the content we are teaching (science, English, math, etc) through some creative work? One way is through an application called Moglue.  Moglue is a desktop application that allows users to create interactive books for iPads, iPhones, iPods and Android devices.  The program utilizes a simple drag-and-drop interface, allowing anyone to explore their creativity.  The end product is pretty amazing.  Users can create books where all sorts of actions are triggered by a reader’s touch.  Objects can move or text can be read aloud simply by a reader touching the screen.  While the interactive books would be great instructional tools for teachers to develop for their students, the books would also be tremendous products for students to create themselves.  Much like other 21st Century creative forms (podcasting, blogging, etc), Moglue offers a chance for students to create content that can be shared with the world.

The application was in Beta when this post was originally written.  The app has since been moved out of Beta and some of the features and services have changed.  While the application is still free to download and use on your desktop and viewing on your tablet, sharing the finished product to the Apple App Store or to the Android Store costs $199 per book.  While this pricing structure is designed mostly for professional authors, an instructor could still use the app with students and have their products be shared on local devices without publishing to the App Stores.  One of the original Moglue developers was a classroom teacher and is open to exploring ways to incorporate Moglue in curricular manners.  Give them a yell at to discuss some options.

For a quick rundown of how to use the site, be sure to check out the following tutorial:


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