Flipping for Flipping

This week, I thought I’d offer a compilation of all of the blog posts I’ve written on Flipped Learning.  Over the last few years, I’ve written about the pedagogy and technologies needed to flip a classroom.  With the growing popularity of the instructional approach, I thought I’d compile the Flipped Learning posts into a single organized location.

The Foundations of Flipping:

The Pillars of Flipped Learning:   Thinking of getting started with flipping?  This post will help you better understand the critical components and mindset for flipping the learning in your classroom.

It’s not about the lecture but the learning:  There’s a tendency to focus too much on recorded lectures as the main component of flipped learning.  In this post, I discuss how the fundamental change is creating a learner-centered classroom.

Five ways to use class time in a flipped classroom:  One challenge that faces many educators new to flipping is “What do I do with all that classtime?”  In this post, I discuss several ideas.

Start with one:  While technically not about flipping, this post helps to motivate those educators who are thinking about flipping but wondering where to begin.

Some Technologies for Flipping:

While I worry about the over-reliance of recorded lectures in flipped learning, I also understand that for many educators the technology may be an initial stumbling point.  Here are a few posts where I discuss some technologies and best practices of recording lessons.

Applying multimedia principles to screencasting:  In this post, I discuss how multimedia principles can inform the recording process to foster student learning.

Use your iPad to Flip your Classroom:  Have an iPad?  Wondering how you can use it to record lessons?  In this post, I review several free and inexpensive iPad apps that educators can use to deliver their content online.

Screencasting with Jing:  In this post, I review Jing, a free screencasting tool, and demonstrate how instructors can use it to record lessons.


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