Leadership lessons from a dancing guy

I’m probably a little late in sharing this video but I keep finding myself referring to it in different conversations.  How do leaders lead?  How do movements begin?  In this video, a lone dancing guy begins a movement that grows into a groundswell.  The key isn’t the leader but the first person willing to follow.  As the narrator explains, “the first follower transforms the lone nut into a leader.”

Often, we get so caught up in asking “who’s the leader?” or “who’s in charge?” that we forget that we need followers too.  We need people to buy-in.  The word “follower” has a negative connotation in many people’s mind.  In the video, however, it’s clear that the dancing guy sees the first follower as an equal and welcomes his participation.  He shares space with the first follower and lets him personalize the dance.  Because of this shared leadership, the first follower is the one who ultimately trumpets the movement and calls other dancers to join in.   While the dancing guy will get credit for being the innovator, it’s the first follower that makes the real magic happen.  Cheers to the first follower!



2 thoughts on “Leadership lessons from a dancing guy

  1. I had never seen this video before – it’s great! I got chills when everyone started running over. So cool. I also liked the part where the narrator said “be public, be easy to follow” – you can’t exist in a bubble!

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