Happy Birthday to the 8 Blog!

Last month, the 8 Blog celebrated its 4th birthday.   After four years of blogging, I’m still amazed by the reach and influence of this media.  To date, over 51,000 people have read one of the 219 posts on the 8 Blog. I’ve received over 260 comments on the posts I’ve shared and had visitors from every continent.  The worldwide support has been inspiring and appreciated.

In celebration of this event, I thought I’d share a handful of selected posts from each year of the 8 Blog’s existence.  These aren’t necessarily the most viewed posts or the ones that have been shared the most.  They just represent some of the ideas that were muddling through my brain at the moment in time.  Enjoy!

From Year 1, published on June 28, 2010:  Professional Development through Twitter

From Year 2, published on August 30, 2011:  Some Thoughts as We Start a New School Year…

From Year 3, published on January 17, 2012:  Examining “What the Pedagogy Requires…”

From Year 4, published on February 12, 2013:  Missing the Gorilla

Thanks to all of the loyal readers of the 8 Blog.  I’ve appreciated your interactions and your comments.  With your support, I’m hopeful that next November, we’ll be celebrating the 8 Blog’s 5th birthday!


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