Counting down the top 13 from 2013 (part 2)

Continuing from last week’s examination of the top 13 from 2013, this week I feature the top 6 posts from the year.  Enjoy!

#1.  Designing infographics on your iPad.  Infographics are becoming more and more prevalent, not only online but as tools for instruction and assessment.  This post, shared on June 18, 2013, outlines several iPad apps that could assist in the creation of infographics.

#2.  Five ways to use class time in a flipped classroom.  The challenge with Flipped Classrooms is figuring out what to do with class time.  This post, written on January 22, 2013, presents some ideas.

#3.  Five sites that offer open textbooks to faculty and students.  Written on September 3, 2013, this post examines some of the most comprehensive sites for free textbooks.

#4.  Video scribing on your iPad.  This post, from June 11, 2013, introduces the concept of “videoscribing” and the multimedia possibilities the process presents.

#5. Presenting to colleagues.  Shared on July 16, 2013, this post outlines some best practices for giving professional presentations.

#6.  Minecraft and the power of the IKEA effect.  Written on February 19, 2013, this post examines how “labor leads to love” and the opportunity that creative endeavors present for our classrooms.


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