Record multimedia lessons with TouchCast

Imagine you’re using your tablet and you want to record a lesson for your students.  With many of the apps that have been on the market, you can easily bring in Powerpoint slides or pictures from your camera roll.  But what about a website?  Or a Twitter feed?   With many of the traditional tablet recording apps, bringing in interactive outside sources would be a little challenging.  With TouchCast, however, it’s a breeze.  The app is free for iPad users and currently in Beta for Android users. But the options are really impressive.   With the app, you can record yourself giving a presentation.  The camera records your image and voice, much like the native apps would do on a tablet.  The main difference, however, is the addition of vApps.  vApps are “video apps” that play in smaller boxes in the screen as you record.  Want to demonstrate a website, add a vApp to that site and then you can interactively discuss the site as your record.  Currently, there 24 different vApps that TouchCast supports on the iPad version.  Users can add vApps to show photos, incorporate polling questions or to highlight locations on a Google map.  Even though it provides some really advanced features, TouchCast is really easy to use and supports more basic recordings as well.  If you just want to demonstrate how to solve a problem using a whiteboard, TouchCast can support that as well.  The options are almost limitless.

Besides its cool features, TouchCast sees itself as a tool for education.  If you visit the TouchCast website, there is a link to educational examples created by students and instructors.  There is also a 30 page PDF that explains the pedagogy behind using TouchCast in support of Flipped Classrooms and for supporting 21st Century Skills.   The guide also provides several best practices for using the app in classroom settings and with students.  To getter a better sense of what the app offers, check out the short tutorial below:


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