Top Posts from 2014 – Part 1

Over the next two weeks, we’ll featured the top viewed 8 Blog posts from 2014.  2014 marked the blog’s fifth year in existence. This year, the 8 Blog achieved a new milestone by passing the 60,000 total visitors mark!  It’s been a lot of fun maintaining this blog and I’ve really enjoyed the communication and comments from readers.  Happy Holidays everyone!  We’ll see you next year.

6.  Microflipping? Really? From April 29, 2014, this post examines an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education where the term “microflipping” was introduced.

7.  Self-directed learning?  There’s a word for that.  Shared on January 21, 2014, this post introduces the term “andragogy” and how it applies to those of us working in collegiate environments.

8.  Flipping Classroom with EdPuzzle  From July 1, 2014, this post introduces a website called EdPuzzle and how it can be used to foster success in a flipped classroom.

9.  Developing Professional Vision with Coach’s Eye  From January 14, 2014, this post examines the use of an iPad app called Coach’s Eye and how it can be used to help students learn to see and observe.

10.  Strange Days, Indeed Written on February 11, 2014, this post discusses some of the weather issues we faced in the Northeastern United States and how technology helped me solve a classroom challenge.


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