Top Post from 2014 – Part 2

Continuing from last week’s post, we’re ending the year by sharing the top viewed posts that were written in 2014.

1.  Doing their job.  Written on January 7, 2014, this post responds to an article written in the campus newspaper where active learning strategies and collaborative work is challenged by a student journalist.

2.  Flipping and assessing with EduCanon.  From February 25, 2014, this post introduces EduCanon, a website that supports flipped classroom through embedded assessment questions.

3.  Reduce cognitive load with YouTube tricks. With the growing interested in flipping classrooms and using multimedia in classrooms, this post from February 4, 2014 examines ways to reduce noise and help students focus.

4.  Becoming agnostic.  With the move to BYOD classrooms, this post examines how classrooms can become more “agnostic.”  Written on June 24, 2014, it provides a host of resources for instructors interested in making their classrooms able to support different mobile devices.

5.  Blended, Online, Flipped?  Oh My!  From March 18, 2014, this post outlines my conceptualization of the differences between online, blended and flipped classes and uses data from studies examining how these instructional formats are used nationally.


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