Better Student Feedback with Classkick

In a post earlier this year, I discussed Grant Wiggins’ Seven Keys to Effective Feedback.  To foster student learning and development, Wiggins writes, teacher feedback must reflect seven essential elements:

  • Effective instructor feedback is goal-referenced.
  • Effective instructor feedback is tangible and transparent.
  • Effective instructor feedback is actionable.
  • Effective instructor feedback is timely.
  • Effective instructor feedback is ongoing.
  • Effective instructor feedback is consistent
  • Effective instructor feedback progresses towards a goal

That’s a hefty list of essentials that can be difficult for some instructors to meet.  Thankfully, new tools are always being developed that can help instructors.  Take Classkick.  Classkick is an iOS-based app that helps instructors monitor and support student learning.  Instead of distributing paper-based assessments, instructors can use Classkick to distribute digital worksheets to students on their iPads.  As students complete the assessment, the instructor can monitor their progress and provide feedback.  It’s a great tool for instructors who are trying to incorporate more paper-free assignments in their class but it’s also a great way to foster more tangible, ongoing and timely feedback.  When using the app, students can raise their hands which alerts the instructor that a student needs help.  The instructor can then help the student progress with their work and scaffold their learning individually.  The app can also support more collaborative learning environments by allowing students to help one another.  The great thing is that all of the interaction and feedback is completely transparent for students and instructors to see.  Besides capturing all of the interactions and feedback between students and instructors, the app also allows the teacher to capture student progress in real-time.  Check out this short tutorial on how an instructor can use Classkick.

The best part of Classkick is that the app is free for instructors and students.  While I recognize it would be better if the app was agnostic and worked across a variety of platforms, I also see the amazing opportunities that app provides.  Looking across Wiggins’ Seven Keys to Essential Feedback, it’s clear that tools like Classkick provide exciting new ways for instructors to meet the needs of their students and support their learning.


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