Top Posts from 2015 – Part 1

As the year comes to an end, it’s always good to look back and review the concepts and conversations we’ve had during the last twelve months. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be outlining the top posts from 2015 and taking a look at the big discussions that have been happening in higher education, instructional technology and teaching & learning.  Here are five of the top ten posts from 2015.  I’ll share the top five posts next week.  Enjoy.

6. Encouraging Cellphone Silence?:  Posted on November 10, 2015, this post examined cellphone usage in classroom environments and how different instructors approached restricting cellphone usage in class.

7. Reflecting on the Top Tools for Learning: This post, shared on September 22, 2015, reorganized the Center for Learning and Performance Technologies top 100 list of instructional technologies based on classroom activities with students.

8. The Most Important Question: Written at the end of the spring semester, this post grounds our work with students and provides a guiding question that can help to inform our decision-making, especially as we interact with the most challenging students.

9.  Ten Ways for Online Students to Interact with Content: One of the challenges with teaching online classes is building diverse and varied experiences for students as the engage with content in the class.  This post, shared on July 21, 2015, provides ten different way for online instructors to inject variety into their classes.

10. Teach like Batman:   Yep.  I’m a comic book nerd.  But this post examines how many instructors viewed flipped classrooms as if the instructional strategy was a magical super power.  The reality is that is that the instructional technique requires Batman-like hard work and dedication to be successful.


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