Top Posts from 2015 – Part 2

Even though we’re in the beginning stages of 2016, we’re still reviewing the top viewed posts from 2015 on The 8 Blog.  To loyal 8 Blog readers, I appreciate your support and interaction over the last year.  I’m looking forward to an exciting year where we can grow and learn together.

1. Engage and Assess with Plickers:  In this post from March 2015, I introduce a cool interactive tool that promotes student engagement in face-to-face classes.  Besides being easy to use, this low tech tool is completely free.

2. Dear Students:  Last October, I shared a detailed advice for students who were planning to email their instructors.  The post became one of the most shared 8 Blog posts ever.  As the semester begins, I plan to share this with my students so they have a clearer understanding of email expectations and professional communication.

3. It’s in the Syllabus: Written just before the start of the Fall semester, this post outlined ways to encourage student interaction with syllabi so they could better learn the expectations, activities and assessments of our courses.

4. The Problem with Passive: Shared in January 2015, this post outlines the challenges with students who want to play passive roles in their classes.  Learning is not a spectator sport.  It requires active engagement and participation.  This post explains why.

5. On my Reading List:  From last May, this post outlines the books that I had planned to tackle over the summer.


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