Best of 2016 – Part 1

As the year winds down, I thought I’d take a few moments to review the top visited blog posts from 2016.  This week, I’ll be sharing half of the “Top Ten” list.  I’ll share the rest of the list in next week’s post.  Enjoy!

6.  The Protege Effect.  Shared in March 2016, this post discussed how the act of teaching someone else can motivate individual learners to take more ownership over their learning and to put forth greater effort to learn

7.  Recorded Lectures: Does Size Matter?  From May 2016, this post sought to provide a research-based answer to one of the most asked questions in online education: How long should my recorded lecture be? Based on research from the British Journal of Educational Technology, the answer is a little more complicated than you would expect.

8.  Podcasts For Educators.  This post, written in September 2016, provides a comprehensive list of podcasts that focus on teaching and learning.

9.  Finding Your Tribe.  Written in October, this post shared my experiences at the Teaching Professor Technology Conference and how the event assembled a group of people that shared my perspectives on teaching, learning and the integration of technology.  Since I shared the post, I’m happy to report that the conference has been re-branded as the Teaching with Technology Conference.  I hope you’ll join us in Washington, DC in October 2017.

10.  Where Do We Start?  From February 2016, this post examines instructors’ beliefs of student-centered classrooms vs. teacher-centered classrooms and how these beliefs impacted how they integrated technology into their learning environments.



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