Top Posts of 2020 – Part 1

We all know how challenging 2020 has been. The social, educational and personal upheavals due to the global pandemic has created so many challenges for all of us. If you’re an educator, you know firsthand how COVID-19 has impacted your classroom, your students and, more broadly, your institution. Through all of those challenging times, I hope the 8 Blog has provided you with some insight, some guidance and some support. I’m grateful that you’ve joined me through my musings this year. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy this holiday season.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll share the Top Ten posts from 2020. This week, I share posts 6 through 10. Visit back for the Top Five next week.

6. Remote Students Speak – Part 1: In this post from August 2020, I share some survey data from one of my classes. I simply asked the students “Name something that your professors did in the spring that you found ineffective.” Their responses were eye opening and impactful.

7. Check the Snark:  In this post from October, I discuss my internal debate when trying to figure out the best way to communicate with students in need.

8. The Roomers and The Zoomers: From early December, this post discusses the challenges with working with students in face-to-face classrooms (the Roomers) while also trying to teach students participating through Zoom (the Zoomers).

9. Teacher Dreams and Expectations: In this post from August 2020, I discuss my “teacher dreams” in advance of the new academic year and how I’m wrestling with the expectations for my upcoming synchronous classes.

10. Tending to the Garden: This is probably one of my favorite posts from 2020 because I got to bring in my dad’s gardening prowess. Written in October 2020, this post explores specific strategies for supporting students’ social and emotional needs

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