Top Posts of 2021 – Part 1

We’ve reached the end of 2021. As I look back over the year, I’m constantly reminded how much I value this space. I know that it’s mostly a one-way conversation where I reflect on something in the open. But I know you’re out there, regularly reading this stuff. I look at the statistics and the people who have signed up to receive this musing in their in-box and I’m honored by that. This has been (another) tough year and if this blog has brought you joy or helped you to reflect on stuff, that’s awesome. Because that’s what it does for me, too. Thanks.

So, without much more fanfare, over the next, I’ll be sharing the top visited posts from 2021. This week features posts six through ten. I’ll share the top five next week. See you in 2022!

6. Pass the Test? From May 2021, this post starts with an introduction of the Bechdel test before I go careening into my own test for whether a classroom involve active learning or not. I know it’s a cognitive leap, but I’ve been known to do that on occasion.

7. A Mindful Moment: In this post from October 2021, this post outlines a mindful practice that I’ve been incorporating into my teaching since the pandemic started.

8. Back in My Office: Written in August 2021, I share my excitement about being back in my office. And about finding a treasure that I unintentionally left myself.

9. Revising Guiding Principles: From another post from October, I re-examine some of the principles I’ve adopted over the last few years. While I’m still an advocate for “leading with empathy” and “assuming positive intent,” I offer an additional principle to clarify things.

10. Making trouble: In this post from September, I share a story about an act of civil disobedience when I was a fifth grader and protesting the school lunches at my elementary school. Somehow, I find a way to quote Representative John Lewis in my walk down memory lane.


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