Podcasts for Educators

I drive a lot. With a total daily commute of over an hour and a half, I spend a lot of time in my car. Rather than filling the time with mind-numbing pop music or politically charged talk radio, I choose to listen to podcasts.  Podcasts offer free, on-demand programming from the comfort of my smartphone.  Over the last year or so, I’ve listened to a bunch of popular podcasts including Serial, RadioLab and This American Life.  With the multitude of podcasts available, there are programs tailored to almost everyone’s tastes and interests.  Besides the entertainment value, howpodcast-circular-button-iconever, podcasts can also offer powerful opportunities for personal and professional growth.  This week, I thought I’d feature some popular podcasts that focus on teaching and learning.

Edutopia’s Best Educational Podcasts: This post from the Edutopia website lists seven different podcasts that span a variety of educational topics.  Interested in educational technology? Check out Wesley Fryer’s podcast called Moving at the Speed of Creativity.  Want some instructional ideas from other teachers?  Download Every Classroom Matters which features interviews with teachers on innovative practices they’ve used to support student learning.

Teaching in Higher Education:  While the Edutopia list covers a lot of territory, many of the podcasts are focused on K12 instruction. Teaching in Higher Education, however, focuses solely on teaching and learning in collegiate environments.  Produced by Bonni Stachowiak, the podcast features in-depth discussions with leaders from across the educational spectrum.  Want to explore the research on teaching evaluations?  Check out the episode where Bonni talks with Betsy Barre, Assistant Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Rice University.

Re:Learning Podcast: Developed by the Chronicle of Higher Education, this podcast advertises itself as the place to meet “the renegade teachers, ed-tech entrepreneurs, longtime educators, and others shaping the future of college.” While the podcast series just started earlier this year, it has already featured such heavy hitters as Michael Wesch, Carol Dweck and Sal Khan.

Cult of Pedagogy: This podcast was the inspiration for this post.  Jennifer Gonzalez is a former middle school teacher who now works at a college as a teacher educator. Each Cult of Pedagogy podcast explores a topic in-depth and offers practical solutions for educators by interviewing students, administrators and anyone else who can provide an insightful perspective.

The Professional Adjunct:  This is a relatively new podcast but I’m really excited about its focus. Produced and hosted by Jim and Beth Harger, the program offers tips and strategies for educators who are navigating online, blended and face-to-face teaching environments.  In full disclosure, I was recently interviewed by the Hargers for a program on the upcoming Teaching Professor Technology Conference which I chair.  That podcast should appear online in the next week or so.

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